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Por primera vez las fases de comparación de precios, de compra y de consulta de los resultados de los tests podrán gestionar a través de una única página web independientemente de dónde proceda el producto.
Nuestro objetivo es impulsar la visibilidad de los diferentes laboratorios que confían en nosotros, sin importar su tamaño o su ubicación geográfica
Somos el mayor aglutinador de test genéticos para la salud humana del mundo, no hay ninguna compañía, ningún marketplace tan especializado en los test genéticos.

How does it work?


Search, compare and buy the best tests at the best price

We have a database of 1171 tests offered by more than 50 laboratories operating around the world. Find the test that bestfullfils your requirements and buy it.

We manage sample collection with the laboratory

Just forget about everything! We take care of sample collection and delivery to the laboratory. You only have to worry about your patient.

Receive the results on-time

Once the study is finished, you will receive the results on-time from the laboratory in your private profile. We make sure that all our partners stick to the promised delivery date.

Easily access all the results in your private profile

No more searching for reports across yout multiple accounts in lab platforms! Now, the results of all your patients will be in a single space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is?
Nuestra plataforma es un comparador y plataforma de compra (marketplace) de test genéticos para todo el mundo. Gracias a los múltiples acuerdos de colaboración con los laboratorios que comercializan estos test, nuestra plataforma reúne una ingente cantidad de información sobre las características de cada uno de ellos.
Why is so useful?
En la actualidad, el campo de la genética humana está en auge. De hecho, es habitual que encontremos distintos tipos de test genéticos para detectar una misma patología o evaluar una misma condición (por ejemplo, la gran cantidad de test de portadores que encontramos en el mercado). Por este motivo hemos decidido reunir en un mismo espacio todos los test genéticos ofertados, facilitando así la comparación y elección del producto más adecuado en cada momento.
How does it work?
Our platform is extremely easy to use. You only have to sig in with a username, e-mail and password to be able to access all the information contained in our database. With the user account, you will only have to choose which test you need, process the order and wait to receive it at your clinic.
Who can sign in?
Our platform is designed for the exclusive use of healthcare professionals, such as specialists in the fields of medicine, nursing, biology or clinical analysis laboratory. Therefore, both healthcare professionals and medical centers can sign up. For this reason, the only information we ask for is your collegiate number, which will help us to verify your healthcare professional status and your authorization to perform genetic tests.
How much cost the sign in process?
Sign up on the platform is completely free for healthcare professionals. We will never ask you for money in exchange for the use of our tool. We provide you with all the information in our database for free just by signing up.
We are a medical center: can we sign up?
Yes. We have collaboration contracts with many different Clinics. During the sign in process, we will assign you an alphanumeric code as the unique identifier of your Clinic. This way you can place the orders you need from your Clinic, regardless of the healthcare professional who requires them. Likewise, the professionals who work in your center and want to benefit from the conditions that we have with you, will only have to indicate your unique identifier code to link their account to yours.
I am a healthcare professional and I work in several centers: can I sign up?
Yes. You will only have to save in "My addresses" the data of both medical centers, to be able to request delivery to both depending on your needs. In addition, if your center is among the associates, you can request their unique identifier code to benefit from their conditions.
How can I place an order?
Choose the test that best fullfils your requirements and add it to your cart. Select a payment method and, that's all! From that moment on, all you have to do is wait. Meanwhile, you can track the order in your profile. In addition, once the sample analysis process is finished, you will receive the results in your private profile.
We are a genetic company and we want our product to be offered in the platform. How can we do it?
Very easy. You just have to contact us through the space provided on the platform. In 24/48 hours we will answer you to schedule a meeting to show you our collaboration contract, explain the advantages of joining our platform and solve all your doubts.
The best genetic tests at the best price
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