DiNA Science

Responsabilidad, conocimiento y compromiso en todos nuestros servicios

Barcelona, España | In Genotica from 2021


DiNA Science is a laboratory that provides genetic services to reproductive medicine centers for their patients during IVF procedures. DiNAScience is our idea that doing things differently is possible, with a vision of commitment to provide a personal, close, serious, innovative and rigorous genetic service, but also dynamic, adaptable and focused on the needs of each person and client. At DiNAScience we put genetics at the service of people. DiNA Science has its origins in Reprogenetics Spain and Geniality. In 2000 Santiago Munné and Jacques Cohen, pioneers in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) founded Reprogenetics and in 2003, together with Carles Giménez, Mireia Sandalinas and Emma Triviño co-founded Reprogenetics Spain. First laboratory specialized in PGD services in Europe. Subsequently, in 2015, Reprogenetics Spain acquires Geniality, a laboratory in Madrid specialized in reproductive genetics. In 2021, the companies change their name to DiNA Science.

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