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Valencia, España | In Genotica from 2023


Epixlife is a laboratory dedicated to health and wellness, focusing on offering analysis and solutions based on quantum magnetic resonance technology. Using a system called Bio-Well, which is a non-invasive device that scans and analyzes the energy field of the human body, through the hair root as a biomarker. The main objective of Epixlife is to provide detailed information on the health and balance of the body through the evaluation of various parameters, such as stress, vitality, emotional and physical imbalances, among others. Use advanced algorithms to interpret the collected data and generate custom reports. Through these reports, Epixlife clients can gain a deeper understanding of their state of health and well-being, and receive recommendations on lifestyle changes, nutrition, and other practices that can help improve their overall well-being. Epixlife is located in Valencia although it is part of Cell Wellbeing (a 15-year-old company located in Hamburg, Germany).

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