Genética Personalizada

Laboratorio especializado en genética humana, tanto en el ámbito clínico como forense

Zaragoza, España | In Genotica from 2023


PERSONALIZED GENETICS is a laboratory located in Zaragoza with more than 25 years of experience in human genetics, both in the clinical and forensic fields (paternity and kinship tests). Our objective is personalized attention to patients and families and to anyone who, due to various circumstances, demands a genetic study in different areas: prenatal, reproduction, diagnosis of rare diseases, predisposition to hereditary diseases, kinship tests, search for relatives, etc. . giving special relevance to genetic counselling. Dr. Pilar Madero, director of Personalized Genetics, Specialist in Clinical Analysis and expert in Genetics, will attend to all requests, advise the most appropriate tests in each circumstance and after the results, explain and advise on the guidelines to follow.

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