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Valencia, España | In Genotica from 2020


The tellmeGen team offers the possibility that everyone can have access to their genetic information with a device connected to the Internet to share it with their trusted health professional. It has developed a private platform that stores genetic information, interprets it and is constantly updated for free. The combination of genetics and computational power has enabled the development of methodologies that allow the number of variants analyzable on a DNA chip to be increased to tens of millions through GWAS studies and the imputation method. The results are divided into 5 blocks according to the type of information they provide: 1) Complex diseases: genetics and the environment play an important role in the development of certain diseases. At tellmeGen they are able to estimate the genetic risk of suffering from this type of disease so that you can prevent, avoid or reduce the risk of developing them. (Ex: Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Cancer, etc.). 2) Pharmacological compatibility: the largest amount of information related to this field is offered, including the efficacy, dosage and adverse effects of different drugs. According to the FDA, about 21% of drug prescriptions are affected by pharmacogenetics and must be modified. (Ex: Ibuprofen, Antidepressants, etc.). 3) Monogenic hereditary diseases: the diagnosis of more than 80 monogenic diseases is made, which makes it possible to detect if you are a carrier of any of them to avoid transmitting them to your offspring. (Ex: Hemophilia A, Cystic Fibrosis, etc.). 4) Personal traits and Wellness: they analyze a multitude of information on personal traits, both externally and internally, such as data related to well-being. (Ex: Eye clarity, nicotine dependence, vitamin levels, muscle performance, etc.). 5) Ancestry: service to estimate the % of DNA from different world regions, as well as the maternal and paternal haplogroups and the % of Neanderthal DNA. 6) DNA Connect: service to connect with genetic relatives found within the tellmeGen database.

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